Friday, August 25, 2006

The Texas Longhorn

Yes. This is a Texas Longhorn. While visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousin in Austin TX, I insisted we stop the car so that I could get out, climb up, and take a picture. The flaw in my design is that we were also in Texas heat (end of July the daily avg was well over 100 degrees outside. This photo was take at about mid day) and this statue was made of Texas metal. SOOOOOOOOO.... my feet, my butt, my legs, my body were on FIRE!! And then I had to sit there and pose for pictures while I literally felt like I was standing in a campfire.

Oh, the things that seem like good ideas when we set out.

Friday, August 18, 2006

To Begin

"Its a terrifying thing to begin. To begin anything at all. The rewards are but rumors then. The glories are but gossip. To taste and see, we must venture into the murky waters of inexperience. And that is, indeed a terrifying thing. But, its more terrifying still, to stand ashore and wish it could someday truely be true." - Tristam Gylberd

I came across this quote on a sister's website, and wow did it strike me as powerful. I am so grateful for the ways in which the Lord has created me to be someone who steps out. Dares to try new things. Is ok with being different. Is ok with not always seeing the credits when the show is but 3 minutes in. However, being that person does not come without a cost. I see Peter in myself over and over again. Willingly and gladly able to step out of the boat, trying something new, and proclaiming "You are the Christ!" But, within seemingly minutes of starting this new venture of which I was completely convinced, starting to doubt, wonder, and inevitably sink in my own faithlessness.

I know the head knowledge. Not all of it, but more than the basics. And yet still I doubt, faulter, and have to come back to the gospel again. Sometimes I dont know much more than what I can see right there in front of me. Sometimes all He sees fit to give me is what I can barely see through the murky water that is engulfing my very step. But thanks to the love and assurence of friends and Christ, I take the next step. Dare to try newer, greater, and more challenging tasks. Go bigger and better places. Share the gospel with more and more people. Step outside my comfort zone with a purpose that is far larger than myself.

It is only when I am able to put myself on the sideline, that I am able to see more clearly than ever what new things He is designing for my life. Thank you Lord for making me one who is able to take risks. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your great plan.